Compulsory education 4 essay

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Compulsory education 4 essay

Europe[ edit ] Compulsory school attendance based on the Prussian model gradually spread to other countries. It was quickly adopted by the governments in Denmark-Norway and Swedenand also in FinlandEstonia and Latvia within the Russian Empirebut it was rejected in Russia itself.

Attendance was made compulsory until age 10 in The Education Act of made it an obligation on parents to require children to have a full-time education from age 5 to However, attendance at school itself is not compulsory: Section 7 of the Act allows for home education.

France was equally slow to introduce compulsory education, this time due to conflicts between the secular state and the Catholic Church, [16] and as a result between anti-clerical and Catholic political parties.

Compulsory education 4 essay

The first set of Jules Ferry Lawspassed inmade primary education free for girls and boys; communes and departments had the shared responsibility to fund it. Inthe second set of Jules Ferry Laws made education compulsory for girls and boys until the age of Inthe upper age limit was raised to In particular, the Massachusetts General Court required every town to create and operate a grammar school.

Fines were imposed on parents who did not send their children to school, and the government took the power to take children away from their parents and apprentice them to others if government officials decided that the parents were "unfit to have the children educated properly".

InMississippi was the last state to enact a compulsory attendance law.

Compulsory education 4 essay

Society of Sistersdetermining that "a child is not a mere creature of the state". This case settled the dispute about whether or not private schools had the right to do business and educate within the United States.

Asia[ edit ] In Japancompulsory education was established shortly after the Meiji Restoration in Initially, it was strongly influenced by the Prussian education system. After World War II, it was rebuilt to a large extent, and the new education model is largely influenced by the American model.

Per-country variations in the age range of compulsory education[ edit ] The following table indicates at what ages compulsory education starts and ends, country by country.

Essay on Compulsory Primary Education

The most common age for starting compulsory education is 6, although this varies between 3 and 8.Apr 05,  · Having just struggled through an essay that will no doubt be marked according to what coloured shirt the teacher is wearing tomorrow I have come to wonder why it is that in every state in Australia and every country I have heard about the study of English literature is compulsory.

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Compulsory Education