Dissertations on teams

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Dissertations on teams

Global organizations striving for competitive advantage are increasingly incorporating the use of high-performance teams to deploy complex business strategies. The major advantages are the diversity of knowledge, ideas and tools contributed by team members, and the camaraderie among members.

A characteristic commonly seen in high-performance teams is cohesiveness, a measure of the attraction of the group to its members and the resistance to leaving it.

Those in highly cohesive teams will be more cooperative and effective in achieving the goals they set for themselves. Therefore, cohesion in the work place could, in the long run, signify the rise or demise of the success of a company.

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Stages of Team Development The forming stage represents the beginning, the honeymoon period; great expectations are shared from all team members. Relationships are developed, purpose is clear and ground rules are established.

The storming stage is triggered once team members start jostling for position, stumbling Dissertations on teams confusion, having arguments about leadership, strategy and goals. This is when team leadership becomes imperative. The leader must succeed at keeping the team motivated, addressing all concerns and clarifying purpose and goals.

Once the storming stage is overcome the team is ready to establish open communications, stable positions and norms — the norming phase. Once cohesiveness is achieved, teams will move from Dissertations on teams to performing and subsequently to highly performing.

Cohesiveness is the extent to which team members stick together and remain united in the pursuit of a common goal. A team is said to be in a state of cohesion when its members possess bonds linking them to one another and to the team as a whole.

Members of a highly cohesive team focus on the process, not the person; they respect everyone on the team, assuming good motives; and they fully commit to team decisions and strategies, creating accountability among the team. Morale is also higher in cohesive teams because of increased team member communication, friendly team environment, loyalty and team member contribution in the decision-making process.

Dissertations on teams

Highly cohesive teams are more committed to the goals and activities, are happy when the team succeeds and feel part of something significant, all of which increases self-esteem which in turn increases performance Figure 2.

Whether the task is to create an innovative product or service, or to design a new process or system, teams rather than individuals are assuming more of the load than ever before. The ideal team combines individual talents and skills into one super-performing-whole with capabilities that surpass those of even its most talented member.

High-functioning teams are not the result of coincidence. They achieve greater levels of participation and collaboration because their members trust one another, share a strong sense of team identity, and have confidence in their abilities and effectiveness. Such teams possess high levels of team emotional intelligence EI.

A Look at Emotional Intelligence EI is generally defined as encompassing the awareness and understanding of emotions Figure 3. It incorporates the application of this understanding to decision making, regulation, and self-management: Studies have shown that EI has a positive impact on teamwork by making the team more cohesive.

Teams that enjoy high levels of EI have established norms that strengthen trust, group identity, and efficiency. Interpersonal empathy is critical to confidence.

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Interpersonal empathy builds confidence within team members; once team confidence is achieved, individual confidence will then follow.

People on teams in which they knew one another better were more efficient and got more work done. When team members know the individuals they are working with, they attain a different level of trust with each other.

Team-building activities are a great way to implement this EI-building practice. For example, when a team is formed at one company, organize several team-building activities — even outside of normal work hours and location — so that the team members get to know each other better and develop empathy.

Planning meetings outside of the workplace builds camaraderie. Team-building activities also reinforce organizational commitment as the team perceives that the company cares about the success of the team as a whole. It is important to establish comfortable, team-endorsed ways to express the unavoidable anger, tension and frustration that arise in a team effort and to positively redirect that energy.

Both humor and playfulness can be helpful tools in resolving conflict and relieving tension and stress. A couple of examples come from two well-known companies.

Dissertations on teams

At innovation consultancy IDEO, team members tossed soft toys over cubicle walls when feelings ran high. Besides lightening the mood, this action served as a reminder that the group had established norms for expressing difficult emotions, thereby making them feel less threatening to individuals and to the group as a whole.

Building the EI of a team also requires the expression of positive emotions such as gratitude and admiration when exceeding expectations. Team lunches after a good project has been completed is an example of a typical celebration.

The whole team goes out to a restaurant to celebrate their success and hard work. Above and Beyond Cohesiveness Although cohesiveness is a crucial and determinant factor for team effectiveness, cohesiveness alone will not guarantee success without organizational commitment.This paper discusses the concept of the self managed teams, its advantages and its limitations.

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Today most of the organizations follow varied kind of hierarchy structure, but very few large organizations, in fact only six organizations are truly following the accurate concept of the self managed. Below is some of the work that we're aware of that includes use of the four-frame model.

If you are aware of work that we have not included, Terry and I would appreciate hearing about it.

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UNLV Theses, Dissertations, Professional Papers, and Capstones May Standardization of Military Rapid Response Teams Kristine Patricia Broger. Published: Mon, 5 Dec This report discussed the concept of self-directed teams and analyses the application at a RF Wolfe plastics manufacturing facility in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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Improving Teacher Morale with Team Building _____ A dissertation presented to the faculty of the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis.

"A Delphi Study: Identifying Practices Used to Build Cohesive Teams in " by Barbara Thiss