Effects of naxalism in india

ME09B Red Corridor The impact of Naxalism over the development of the affected states is undoubtedly negative if measured with respect to the conventional economic markers employed for measuring development, namely GDP and per capita income. It is the social and political impacts of Naxalism on development that really leaves all in a fix. There have been multiple opinions about these aspects and the confusing bit is that all factions seem to be convinced of their part of the story and have logical reasons and events supporting it.

Effects of naxalism in india

The term Naxalism derives its name from the village Naxalbari of West Bengal. It is originated as rebellion against local landlords who bashed a peasant over a land dispute. This rebellion was under the leadership of Kanu Santhal and Jagan Sanyal with an objective of rightful redistribution of the land to working peasants which was initiated in It is considered to be the far-left radical communists; the Naxals support Maoist political sentiment and ideology.

It was started in West Bengal and the movement slowly spread across the Eastern India in less developed areas of rural central and eastern India, such as Chhattisgarh, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh.

The movement has rapidly found roots among displaced tribes and natives who are fighting against exploitation at the hands of major Indian corporations and local officials whom they believe to be corrupt.

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Factors responsible for the growth of Naxalism 1. It is one of the main reasons for the spread of Naxalism. It started with the British government. The monopolization of the forest started with the enactment of various forest laws.

Effects of naxalism in india

The integration with the wider world led to an influx of a new class like moneylenders. The administrative machinery became more exploitative and extortionate at functional level.

Tribal policies not implemented well: Even during the post Independence era, the government was not able to stop the process of the tribal alienation and their displacement caused by large projects.

Even the issues of food security were not fully sorted out. Consequently, Naxalism made inroads in Orissa and other states. The Growing inter and intra regional disparities: Naxalalism attract people who have poor livelihood like fishermen, farmers, daily labourers and bamboo cutters.

Effects of naxalism in india

The government policies have failed to stem the growing inter and intra regional disparities. The poor people think that Naxalism can provide solutions to their problems. Absence of proper Industrialisation and lack of land reforms: The half-hearted implementation of land reforms by the government has yielded negative results.

The agrarian set up has not been defined in the absence of proper implementation of survey and settlement. This further damaged the agriculture production and the rural economy. Absence of proper industrialization has failed to generate employment for rural people leading to dissatisfaction with the government.Naxalism Definition - just Google or read pathetic definitions on Wikipedia Impacts - Even before going to impact - lets understand one thing - India was at its worst during - lots of discrimination and unsocial acts imposed by peopl.

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The Naxalite movement has severely impacted the economy of the affected states as well as India as a whole. The major macroeconomic effects of the Naxal movement are: 1. Reduction in per capita GDP growth – The nominal per capita GDP .

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Naxalism: The Maoist Challenge to the Indian State Written by Lennart Bendfeldt, HBF intern, July The intention is to give an extensive overview on the topic of Naxalism in India for interested readers whether in India . India - Congress Party rule, – The BJP espoused a broad Hindu nativism.

During the years of NDA government, Hindu products were favoured over imports, names of cities were changed—either to reflect the precolonial name (e.g., Chennai for Madras) or to bring the name more in line with local pronunciation (Kolkata for Calcutta)—and the party openly opposed what it considered non.

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