Email vs snail mail

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Email vs snail mail

Email versus Snail Mail: Which is Better for Your Marketing? Email seems less expensive, but spam blockers and other technology issues can get in the way of delivery. Snail mail can get thrown away by administrative assistants, never to be seen by the intended recipient.

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We believe that email promotions work only when you send them to people you know or whom you have earned the right to email. Others who opt in to your email list are agreeing to receive your messages via email. One exception to this belief might be email solicitations from non-profit industry organizations to industry members.

Rather, they think of them as existing to provide professional development, information, advocacy and lobbying. Email vs snail mail further complicate the question about whether to use email for promotions, some email, if not worded or constructed correctly, will get stopped by spam filters and blockers installed on email servers.

Certain words, phrases and behind-the-email technical factors are red flags that get an email blocked — never to be seen by the recipients.

Email vs snail mail

In addition, purchased lists with accurate email addresses are difficult to acquire. People change email addresses frequently. Some change addresses regularly to reduce the amount of spam they receive.

Some change when a new standard is implemented at their company. As a result, emailing to a purchased contact list can have a high number of bounce backs and blocked emails.

It is less expensive if you get the same results from both email and snail mail when mailing to the same list. When comparing the results of the two campaigns, you need to analyze the quality of the leads — what is ratio of cost to leads generated, or the cost per lead?

How many leads does each campaign generate?


What is the conversion rate for each campaign i. Snail Mail and the Problem of Gatekeepers Snail mail has some advantages over email. But if a direct mail piece is business-like and contains an important message, chances are it will get through.

Email vs snail mail

A great headline that grabs the recipient, appropriate graphics, and a compelling call to action are all elements of a direct mail piece that will help get results. Four Styles of Learning If we look at the four ways people receive information: Snail mail can accomplish three of the four.

Snail mail can include visuals, text to read, and tactile stimulation when the recipient opens the letter or mailer. The latter has impact when your prospects hold your mail piece in their hands and contemplate your message.

Use email to keep in contact with people who know you: That snail mail should be targeted and should have great copy that grabs the recipient and incites them to take action — to call for more information or visit your web site.Speed.

The greatest advantage of sending email is that it is much faster than writing a standard letter. Whereas regular mail can take from one to ten days to be delivered, email can be delivered within seconds (see reference, "The Advantages and Disadvantages of Email").

Email Can be Less Expensive “But,” our clients cry, “email is so much less expensive than snail mail!” On the surface, it may appear that email marketing is less expensive. It is less expensive if you get the same results from both email and snail mail when mailing to the same list.

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Direct Mail vs Email – Who is King?

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Enormous amounts of email circulate the Internet every day, there can be no doubt about that. But how does the amount of email compare with that of traditional mail, also known as “snail mail”? It would be interesting to know, wouldn't it?

We’ve done the research and done the math, so look no further than the small infographic we've put together here . Normally, I would think "mail" refers to "snail mail," while electronic mail is called "email." That said, the two-word phrase "Mobile Email" almost sounds redundant - the word "mobile" connotes electronic mail.

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