English regent essay

All dates are AD or CE current era unless otherwise specified.

English regent essay

Family[ edit ] Placidia was the daughter of Theodosius I and his second wife, Galla[1] who was herself daughter of Valentinian I and his second wife, Justina. Her mother died in childbirth ingiving birth to John, who died with their mother.

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Her older half-sister Pulcheria predeceased her parents according to Gregory of Nyssaplacing the death of Pulcheria prior to the death of Aelia Flaccillathe first wife of Theodosius I, in She was summoned to the court of her father in Mediolanum during She is presumed to have learned weaving and embroidery.

She might have also been given a classical educationthough no details are known. He was the only known person to hold the rank of "magister militum in praesenti" from to in both the Western and the Eastern Roman Empire.

He was also titled "magister equitum et peditum" "Master of the Horse and of Foot"placing him in charge of both the cavalry and infantry forces of the Western Roman Empire.

Stilicho planned to proceed to Constantinople and "undertake the management of the affairs of Theodosius", convincing Honorius not to travel to the East himself.

Shortly after, Olympius, "an officer of rank in the court-guards" attempted to convince Honorius that Stilicho was in fact conspiring to depose Theodosius II, to replace him with Eucherius. Stilicho was arrested and executed on August 22, Eucherius sought refuge in Rome but was arrested there by Arsacius and Tarentius, two eunuchs following imperial command.

They executed him not long after. Honorius appointed Tarentius imperial chamberlain, and gave the next post under him to Arsacius. First marriage[ edit ] Coin of In the disturbances that followed the fall of Stilicho, throughout the Italian Peninsula the wives and children of the foederati were slain.

The natural consequence of all this was that these men, to the number of 30, flocked to the camp of Alaric IKing of the Visigothsclamouring to be led against their cowardly enemies.

Zosimus records that Placidia was within the city during the siege. When Serena was accused of conspiring with Alaric, "the whole senate therefore, with Placidia, uterine sister to the emperor, thought it proper that she should suffer death".

Her captivity was recorded by both Jordanes and Marcellinus Comesthough the exact circumstances are not mentioned. Their ruler Ataulfhaving succeeded Alaric, entered an alliance with Honorius against Jovinus and Sebastianusrival Western Roman emperors located in Gaul.

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English regent essay

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English regent essay
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