First grade story paper

Kristen Smith This week has been an absolute blast.

First grade story paper

This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience. After getting some emails and messages with questions regarding math workshop, I thought it might be beneficial for you to get a peek into what math workshop looks like in my classroom and how I incorporate my products.

First grade story paper

It takes some serious modeling and practice. To kick it off, I spend a week reading math read alouds, discussing where we find numbers in the real world, coming up with a list of "rules for the tools," setting the workshop expectations and completing a "math about me" activity.

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All of these activities, along with a lesson plan guide and read aloud suggestions can found in my Math Community Building unit in my TPT store. You can find it here! I print it on cardstock, laminate it and use it from year to year.

Below is my favorite math read aloud when kicking off math workshop for any grade level. I follow the same mini-lesson format! The only thing that differs from literacy mini-lessons is that I also include a warm-up before I begin. I am strategic in choosing a warm-up.

If its adding two digit numbers we may warm-up our brains by representing the numbers with base ten blocks, and then use that as a strategy to help add the two digit numbers in the lesson.

I hope I am making this clear. This mini-lesson format is ultimately the perfect combination of reviewing a previous skill, engaging students in a new skill and quickly monitoring which students may need a reteach. Many teachers use math centers, stations, tubs, rotations, etc.

Below you can find an example of the math workshop rotation schedule on the board for my students. The shapes represent my groups. In my classroom, under the shapes I would list the names of the students that are in that shape group.

The first rotation is where they start. Rotation 2 is where they head as soon as they are finished.

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Timing can be up to you, but I found that allowing students to rotate to the next rotation freely minimizes students behavior. I require students to finish both rotations before moving to a free choice rotation one that was not assigned to them.

They LOVE the free choice component! Math tub 2 and 3 are grade level activities, while math tub 4 is an enrichment center. Students at math tub 4 will be challenged to think critically and deeply or apply the learned skill to a new skill.

I attempt to break up my "at grade level" students into a group that benefits from reinforcement the readiness activityas well as one that can be stretched the enrichment activity.5 Apr, 12 Comments. A Day In First Grade, Crafts, First Grade, First Grade Science, Kindergarten Science, Science.

Posted By: Kristen Smith. This penmanship paper (also known as handwriting practice paper) is available with various number of lines per page, in two page orientations, and four paper paper gives space for children to draw a picture and write about it..

Click any paper to see a larger version and download it. Scroll down past the first few links to find results from Activity Village. Our wedding writing paper and story paper can be used in all sorts of ways by the kids - and Holiday Writing Paper. Our holiday themed writing paper is a good place to start for holiday .

Now onto my first set of stations. I am focusing on number and counting right now. All of the stations have a recording sheet to go with the hands on activity, but I am saving those for the second time around with the same stations.

sticker story paper freebie! inspired elementary. ms m s blog april first grade writng paper template with picture journal writing.

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printable book about the pla s the solar system a to z. writing paper for first grade with picture box generated on These Frog and Toad crafts for first grade students are the perfect accompaniment to the books in the Arnold Lobel series about the two friends.

Find crafts to go with the stories "A Lost Button" and "The Kite," as well as instructions for making your own Frog and Toad puppets.

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