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Gap analysis marriott

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Top Five Women Tech Organizations: Building Networks and Bridging the Gap In this era, supporting women in technology is crucial. The statistics are stacked against girls and women who aspire for STEM careers and yet, role models do still exist. The obstacles are high and the stereotypes are strong -- Gap analysis marriott start appreciating those women who break the mold.

Even with the disparity between the numbers of men and women in science and technology, it is time to put the spotlight on those women who are making it work. In lieu of June's celebration of science and engineering month, I'd like to share my top five picks on women in technology organizations that everyone should keep their eyes on.

The following organizations not only have a powerful mission to engage women in entering and then staying in technology, but also are dedicated in supporting them along the way.

So who are these organizations?

Gap analysis marriott

Well, listed below are my top five picks with brief descriptions on what they are doing, why they are doing it and which women are Gap analysis marriott the operations.

The leaders in technology have taken note of these organizations and it is time you did too: Their mission is to work everyday towards increasing both the impact of women on all aspects of technology and the positive engagement of technology on the world's women.

Why look out for the Anita Borg Institute?

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Well, it is because they are changing the world for women and technology. And if you ask them why they are doing it, the answer is simple, they are women technologists and this is what they do.

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Telle Whitney, CEO and president of the Anita Borg Institute, explains, "At the Institute we understand that innovative organizations must attract and retain the best technical minds -- both women and men -- to grow and succeed in today's global economy.

As the demand for technical talent continues to grow, the Anita Borg Institute establishes solutions for the recruitment, retention and advancement of technical women. We engage with technical women globally through our programs and communities.

Their annual summit, The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computingis a series of conferences aimed to dive deep into the research and career interests of women in computing and is coming up quick.

Leaders in technological fields will present their current work in computer science, information technology, research and engineering, along with special sessions focus on the role of women in technology today. Registration for the event is open until June 1st and the theme of "Are we there yet?

Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs ECA that aims to build bridges between emerging female technology leaders in the Middle East and North Africa with their American counterparts for professional mentorship and exchange programs.

Making these connections is essential developing the female voice within technology fields worldwide. Working with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's vision of "smart power diplomacy" and "21st Century Statecraft," TechWomen's main mission is female empowerment through technology.

The field of technology is filled with stereotypes and obstacles and TechWomen provides the new generation of women in technology sectors with the support and opportunities break down the field's current walls. It is built on the idea that we should not only help our female neighbors in technology but instead, we should also reach beyond our immediate horizon.

These partnerships across oceans encourage international innovation within technology. Both applications for mentees and also mentors are available on the TechWomen's website. Members of NCWIT's workforce, academic, K, entrepreneurial, and affinity group alliances tap into an infrastructure of best practices, free resources, and an amplified voice for the issues surrounding diversity and technology.

NCWIT works directly with organizations to help them recruit, retain, and advance women, from K and higher education through industry and entrepreneurial careers. NCWIT's research-backed resources and metrics give people the tools they need to understand and change the ratio of women's participation.

NCWIT programs focus on increasing the number of girls and women across the education and workforce ecosystem and building visibility for technical women.

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SWOT Analysis Definition. The SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning tool that stands for: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The SWOT analysis is essential to understanding the many different risk and rewards of any investment.

Gap analysis marriott

Jun 12,  · In this era, supporting women in technology is crucial. The statistics are stacked against girls and women who aspire for STEM careers and yet, role models do still exist.

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