Grade 12 chemistry exam prep

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Grade 12 chemistry exam prep

What are the 3 principles of Dalton? H2O vs H2O2 3 Law of conservation of mass What was the problem with Dalton's atomic theory 1 he said atoms cannot be divided, but they can - electrons, neutrons and protons2 he said that all atoms of the same element have the same mass- but there are isotopes Explain what thompson found and how?

It was an experiment that helped to determine the size and charge on an electron, the charge on a single electron was 1. He did the gold foil experiment, he shot positive particles at a gold foil, expecting them all to go through, but some deflected, he concluded that there must be a concentrated nucleus, with electrons surrounding it What did Chadwick discover?

He was calculating the mass of a specific nuclei, and the mass the got didn't match with the associated charge of the electron, therefore he knew there must be neutral particles making up the missing mass- neutrons What were problems with the rutherford model?

He suggested that energies of vibrating atoms were multiples of small quantities of energy energy was not continous.


Atom must absorb or release an antire quanta of energy or none at all, thers no "in between" Explain the connection between the atoms energy and how hot it is When an atom releases energy, it does it in a form of light, the hotter the atom, the smaller the wavelength, more the energy What is the photoelectric effect?

When there is light shone on a metal surface, electrons release from the surface of the metal, the number of electrons per second can be measured by a ammeter. Frequency determines the how fast they jump, and intensity determines how many electrons.

Electrons only jump is the frequency is at a specific pt. Higher frequency means high energy What did Einstein win a nobel prize for?

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So if one electron absorbs one photon quanta of energyit must be great enough for the electron to escape, the rest of the energy is left over What is a photon? A photon is a packet of energy that corresponds to the frequency of the electromagnetic wave. Spectroscopy was invented by Robert Bunsen and Gustev Kirchhoff in the s to study light.

When white lights passes through a spectroscope, the light is divided into a rainbow of colours continous spectrum What is a continous spectrum? A display of all colours- dispersion refraction of white light through a prism What is a dark line spectrum?

Certain colours are missing from a display of colours produced by white light. Helping scientists to identigy the gas the light passed through What is a bright line spectrum? Each element has its own unique bright liine spectrum How do electrons travel in an atom and how much energy in each orbit?

Electrons travel in circular orbits, each orbit will have the same amount of energy that is quantized What are electrons called when they are in the lowest energy level? What are the problems with the planetary model? He saw that each electron spins on its axis either clockwise or counterclockwise.

He also said that no two electrons cannot have the same 4 quantum numbers. Region of space where an electron may be found What is Heisenberg's contribution to quantum numbers? Heisenberg's uncertainty principle- we cannot know where an electron is or its speed at any given time- only a probability What is Aufbau principle?

An energy level must be filled before moving on the next level What is Hund's rule? Each orbital at the same energy level must have one, before doubling up Electron Configuration for Se 1s2, 2s2, 2p6, 3s2, 3p6.Grade 12 Chemistry SCH4U - Ontario Curriculum.

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Grade Practice Test Questions ; How Would You Grade Your Incumbent For Congress, Jared Polis? Grade Grievance Training Quiz ;. SCH4C: Grade 12 College Chemistry.

Grade 12 chemistry exam prep

Course Information: This course enables students to deepen their understanding of chemistry through the study of organic chemistry, chemical reactions and their calculations, chemistry and the environment, electrochemistry, and atomic and molecular structure.

SOLARO Study Guide - Ontario Chemistry 12 — University Prep (SCH4U) SOLARO Study Guide for Ontario Chemistry 12 — University Prep (SCH4U) is specifically designed to assist students prepare for quizzes, unit tests, and final exams throughout the year.

Course Description. This course enables students to deepen their understanding of chemistry through the study of organic chemistry, energy changes and rates of reaction, chemical systems and equilibrium, electrochemistry, and atomic and molecular structure.

University Prep Chemistry is designed for students who have never taken chemistry, or who want to improve their knowledge before taking a university chemistry course. Designed in consultation with professors in the Dalhousie Chemistry Department, this course is accepted by Dalhousie in place of NS Grade 12 Chemistry and may be used as the.

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