Grief in wuthering heights

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Grief in wuthering heights

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This may be due to the conditions of many of her own experiences, or it may not, we cannot know. Regardless, the grief that is exhibited by the many different characters, differs for various reasons. The intense feelings of grief demonstrated in Wuthering Heights are most often insinuated by death.

The ways in which characters relate to one another vary greatly, and also play a great role in determining the intensity of the sorrow felt by a character.

For example, no one knows for sure where Heathcliff came from or how he lived before he came to Wuthering Heights as a child. We immediately learn that Heathcliff is different, and may perceive a mysterious persona about him. Heathcliff had an obsession. To him, Catherine was life. He did not want to live without her.

Heathcliff came to Wuthering Heights as a child and grew up with Catherine always by his side, until Hindley returned.


Therefore, his obsession began as a child. Because he grew used to having Catherine with him, as he grew older he never wanted to be separated from her.

Wuthering Heights

As I said before, we do not know what life was like for Heathcliff before he came to Wuthering Heights. We can only assume the worst because when old Mr.

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Grief in wuthering heights

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Grief in wuthering heights
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