How to write a blurb powerpoint online

Want to be certain your writing career never leaves the ground? These 23 tips will help you stave off success and fail as a writer!

How to write a blurb powerpoint online

Pin49 We typically spend our schooling years writing for a teacher to silently read our essays and reports. Writing for audio is a different kind of writing. Write like you speak In most cases, writing for the ear is more informal than writing to be read.

You may find that it improves your style if you imagine that you are speaking to someone while you are writing. When you write like you speak, you will naturally use smaller words, a more conversational tone and shorter sentences discussed below.

You have to get there quickly before you lose your audience. I like to think of it as intelligent simplicity. Learn from commercial scripts You can learn a lot from the scripts written for those short second radio commercials.

They say it, explain it and repeat it. The lead sentence gets your attention and makes you want to find out more. Speaking with one voice emerges out of consistency.

It sounds like the narrator deeply knows and understands the topic, because consistency makes the speaker credible. To achieve the sound of one voice, consider defining these aspects of a script from the start: Decide on a tone that will best connect with your audience conversational, folksy, sophisticated, etc.

If you never quite got this in school, Wikipedia explains. Will you use them or not? Then let one anointed editor read the scripts to smooth out all of the inconsistencies.

Keep sentences short but varied Many people recommend using short sentences when writing for audio. The risk of relying on short sentences, however, is that the script may sound stilted or too simplistic.

A better approach might be to aim for short sentences that vary in length. This is closer to how we speak. To keep sentences on the shorter side: Let them read it No one likes screens of text, but some subjects demand it, such as those involving legal or compliance training.

In these cases, refer to the screen text in the script, state what it is and let the learner read it. To accommodate those who are visually impaired, provide an option for having the text read aloud.

When you read your script aloud, you can improve the rhythm by considering the words as sounds and listening to their flow and timing. Use silence effectively Silence is to audio as white space is to visuals.

You can work brief pauses into your script by indicating where the talent should stop for a moment often referred to as a beat during the recording.

I usually indicate this with an ellipsis …. Frequent pauses also give you time to add elements for screen builds.

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Silence is your friend. Use it with purpose. Watch your transitions Transition words, such as yet, but, however, therefore and meanwhile, let listeners know that a change from the previous thought is coming.

how to write a blurb powerpoint online

Use transitions as cues to help clarify your message. Edit in phases Some accomplished writers recommend editing in several passes while honing one aspect of your writing at a time.

In Getting the Words Right, author Theodore Cheney recommends that your first revision should focus on massive changes, which he calls reducing. Then he advises less ambitious revisions, such as rearranging.

Finally, there is rewording. Or create your own phases of editing that work for your style of writing. A rule of thumb for calculating time is that in one minute, a narrator will read approximately words.This is a worksheet intended to be used for planning to write a blurb for a novel study/5(8).

Brand new assets. Camtasia comes with a collection of brand new video assets, including customizable intros, outros, and lower thirds.

how to write a blurb powerpoint online

Or get full access to over , royalty-free stock assets with a TechSmith Assets subscription. Most seem to be words long as the blurb text itself, not including about the author if included.

That is also a nicely spaced blurb, not a squashed one. About the author.

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