Introduction to business plan ppt slideshare

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Introduction to business plan ppt slideshare

Especially gaining by small business in Bangladesh may vary from place to place. We would like to introduce completely new type of small business in Bangladesh where it is not existed with availability through the divisional city of Bangladesh.

We have found the way to earn reasonable profit through serving the people of our society. We strongly tell you that, our proposed plan for small business will be profitable, artistic and also very new service because around similar or substitute business is not with professional manner conducted in Bangladesh.

The plan has been written by five planer but a few of collaborators. We would like to thank the all participant entrepreneurs from different sectors to this plan. In addition, we are grateful to Assistant professor and a successful business advisor Mr. Mahathy Hasan Jewel for providing beneficial instruction and proper guidelines during the planning process.

To end this, let us express gratefulness to all of contributors again for their generosity and wish to this process. We sincerely will appreciate the information and advice you will provide and the knowledge you will share with us after introduction to business plan ppt slideshare pros and cons of our small business plan.

Your assistance will be invaluable to us to amend the plan for increasing probability of success of the future generation business in Bangladesh.

After one and half year we have decided to start a new business with a complete different way to serve the future assets of our nations through getting reasonable profit.

More specifically, I Md. Saiduzzaman Selim had intention to work for children through business and I conducted a mini research to the market of child care and recreation.

That being the situation of my mind, last month I invited my friends in a party where I discussed for starting a new profitable small business.

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I presented all concerned information regarding around this type of business conducting in Dhaka as well as others divisional city in Bangladesh. After three days I got positive results from my friends on the matter. For consequences, now we are going to write our professional identity is businessman.

Saiduzzaman Selim a new business. The new small business may seem a bit overwhelming but it offers many opportunities too.

The name has not been used as yet in Bangladesh as well as in the world for this type of business. We have drawn our own idea about this small business in the prospect of economy of Bangladesh as well as society, location, behavior, wants, demands, level of income of people, affordability and also profitability.

We will incur 3 million tk in short-term debt to finish financing. This debt will cover for 3rd no branches in Baridhara. The debt includes Long-term assets include most play equipment, and a larger service counter for the cafe area. Current assets include furniture, lighting fixtures, some of the less durable play equipment, and appliances for the cafe area.

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Day by day the business will be developed through innovation of service. Starting new profitable small business is not so easy. But we have discovered a real profitable idea for small business has appropriateness in the present economical environment of Bangladesh.

The Kingdom of Heaven will be started from 25th December in the 3 aristocratic locations respectively at Dhanmondi, Gulshan as well as Bashundhara in Dhaka city. The KH will offer services from 6 a. The children will be exposed to a wide range of activities including arts and crafts, socialization, large muscle group activities, and general learning.

KH will be concentrating on the upper end of the market: These personally ambitious parents are typically eager in terms of their children's development and will be willing to pay to have their children attend the best facilities.

introduction to business plan ppt slideshare

Through specialized training of the staff and innovative learning systems with entertainment. The Kingdom of Heaven will be concentrating on the upper middle and high income of the market specially it means: These personally ambitious parents are typically eager in 20 terms of their children's development and will be willing to pay to have their children attend the best facilities.

Employees for the organization would not be more than 20 but not less than 13 for three branches within the first year. The KH will be located in a recently rented and converted home that now is solely a child care and recreation center.

Through specialized training of the staff and innovative learning systems, the KH will be cutting edge in terms of child development. This curriculum, coupled with a custom designed facility and a low instructor: We plan to offer a large, full scale play structure for the child and a smaller play structure for toddlers In addition, we will also offer nominal vending, snacks and beverages for customers.

KH offers a unique service in that there is no other program like it in the DGB through Dhaka city of or outlying areas. Though the city does have parks facility open to the public, they are not part of a comprehensive program for kids and parents.Anti-nuclear activists do not want the public to know the truth.

Fukushima showed that a nuclear plant can take the maximum punch of nature’s brutality. Yet the media and the anti-nukes enjoy stoking the fear.

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introduction to business plan ppt slideshare

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The on-going dance of merger and acquisition happening every week is hard to miss. But it has been found that most mergers and acquisition fail because of poor handling of change management.