Involuntary euthanasia of defective newborns

Euthanasia in Australia Inthe world's first euthanasia legislation, the Rights of the Terminally Ill Actwas passed in the Northern Territory of Australia. Inan Australian quadriplegic was granted the right to refuse sustenance and be allowed to die. Chief Justice Wayne Martin also stipulated that his carers, Brightwater Care, would not be held criminally responsible for following his instructions. Rossiter died on 21 September following a chest infection.

Involuntary euthanasia of defective newborns

A Text with Readings 10 th ed. What is the significance of personhood in considering euthanasia?. A Text with Readings 10th ed. The assignment of basic patient rightsTo refuse treatmentTo be treated with dignityThe point at which we are no longer a personThe definition of deathThe point at which termination is no longer murderOrdinary vs.

Does the distinction solve the euthanasia issue?

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A decision for euthanasia made by the patientNonvoluntary euthanasia: A decision made by someone else, not the patientInvoluntary euthanasia: A decision made by someone else, when the patient never expressed a preferenceAssisted suicideThe act of terminating the life is carried out by the patient, but with assistance from medical personnelU.

Gay-Williams Active euthanasia is always wrongReasons: Violates the nature and dignity of personsSelf-interest e. BrockDefends voluntary active euthanasiaValue of individual self-determination or autonomyValue of individual well-beingMoral goals of physicians are consistent with voluntary active euthanasiaActive and Passive EuthanasiaJames RachelsNo moral difference between active and passive euthanasiaRejects the American Medical Association distinction between active and passiveReasoningKantian respect for personsUtilitarian consequencesDistinction leads to decision-making on irrelevant groundsGender, Feminism, and Death: WolfFeminist perspective on the ethics of assisted suicide and euthanasiaWomen are at greater risk for inadequate pain relief, depression, suicidal thoughts.

Women might feel more pressure to consent to assisted suicide or euthanasia, when men would not.Is non-voluntary euthanasia ever morally permissible?


Introduction By ‘euthanasia’ I shall mean the intentional termination of someone’s life where, on. Chapter Five: Euthanasia Applying Ethics: A Text with Readings (10th ed.) Julie C.

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Van Camp, Jeffrey Olen, Vincent Barry Cengage Learning/Wadsworth What is the significance. Euthanasia advocates also favor legalizing the euthanasia of the congenitally "defective" newborn who may have deformation of the body or mental retardation, even children with Downs syndrome, some of which have enough intelligence to go through high school and college with passing grades.

Involuntary euthanasia of defective newborns

The recent increase in reporting of passive euthanasia of defective newborn infants has not been accompanied by extensive analysis of the legality of the practice or the appropriateness of current law.

The pervasive practice of withholding ordinary medical care from defective newborns demonstrates we have embarked on a widespread program of involuntary euthanasia." (Robertson) (Robertson).

Special Article from The New England Journal of Medicine — Abortion, Euthanasia, and Care of Defective Newborns.

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