Management an art or a

Is Management—Art, Science or Profession? A question is often raised as to whether management is an art, a science, a profession or all the three. This question has been discussed here to explain the nature of management.

Management an art or a

The controversy with regard to the nature of managementas to whether it is an art or a scienceis very old. This controversy, however, is not very much in the air now though the controversy is yet to be settled. It is to be noted that the learning process in art differs from that of science.

Learning of art involves its continuous practice while learning of science basically involves the assimilation of principles. Much of the controversy of management being as art or science is on account of the fact that the earlier captains of industry and managers have used intuition, hunches, commonsense, and experience in managing organizations.

They were not trained professional managers, although they were very brilliant and had developed commonsense through which they managed well. However, commonsense and science differ considerably in solving the problems.

Management — Art or Science Management as an Art Art is defined as the use of skills to bring a desired result. Thus, art has the following features: Practical Knowledge Knowledge refers to possession of facts and techniques of a particular field. Generally, in art, more emphasis is given on acquiring knowledge through practical experience.

In management, knowledge is acquired both through study and experience. Thus, management is an art. Personalized Application of Knowledge In art, there is personalized application of knowledge to achieve the desired results.

This is possible because the same set of results can be achieved through a number of alternative ways. This is done in management too; each manager has his own way of achieving results. Improvement through Continuous Practice In art, improvement is made through continuous practice.

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This practice eliminates those activities which are not relevant for achieving the desired results and improving those activities that are relevant. Through this way, the person engaged in any art tends to move towards perfection.

Management an art or a

This is exactly done in management. Situational Application Art has situational application.

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This implies that an art which is appreciated in one situation may not be appreciated in another situation. This is true for management too.The Heretic's Guide To Management: The Art of Harnessing Ambiguity - Kindle edition by Paul Culmsee, Kailash Awati, Ashlee Culmsee.

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Management an art or a

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