Mgt352 diversity in the workplace

Employees reap tangible and intangible benefits from workplace benefits, not the least of which include respect from co-workers and business gains. Mutual Respect Workplace diversity fosters mutual respect among employees. Whether employees work in groups or teams comprised of co-workers with varied work styles, or colleagues who represent different cultures or generations, a synergistic work environment become the norm. Conflict Resolution Conflict inevitably occurs in the work environment.

Mgt352 diversity in the workplace

Choose a program from the dropdown below to view course descriptions Choose a Program MGT - Principles of Management This course provides an introduction to the field of management and to the management functions of planning, directing, controlling, staffing, motivating, executing, and coordinating.

Course content describes, examines, and applies models, processes and techniques used in managing an organization and improving its performance. MGT - Organizational Behavior This course is designed to provide students with a multidisciplinary view of the study of behavior in organizations to better understand and manage people at work.

It focuses on describing and explaining the core concepts and foundation principles that are fundamental to understanding behavior in organizations. Emphasis is placed on topics that affect individual behavior, team and group behavior and behavior of the organization itself.

MGT - Entrepreneurship I: Small-Business Fundamentals This is a management course designed to address the steps in the entrepreneurial process to establish a new business or to launch a new product line in an established organization.

Human Resources

This course is a study of how to successfully analyze opportunities for a new venture. The contents provide the complete analytical process for establishing a new and successful operation.

The new venture decision provides a compelling reason for success. This course leads up to the establishment of a complete Business Plan.

Mgt352 diversity in the workplace

Small-Business Management This course focuses on the characteristics of an entrepreneur and framework to develop and lead a successful entrepreneurial business. The impact of emotional intelligence in the workplace and sourcesof entrepreneurial finance are discussed.

Students will learn how to develop and manage the human capital in the workplace. MGT - Organization Theory and Design This course provides a comprehensive macro view approach to the study of organizations and their functioning. Emphasis is placed on how external and internal factors influence the structure and design of the organization.

MGT - Human Resource Management This fundamentals course will explain what human resource management is, and why it is important to all managers. Special emphasis is given to collective bargaining, wage and hour requirements, equal opportunity regulations, and conflict resolution.

MGT - Labor Relations This course provides background and insight into the many areas and processes of labor relations. Students analyze and evaluate the role and effectiveness of labor organizations in today's society. Students compare and evaluate the impacts and effects of labor organizations on both unionized and non-unionized organizations and employees.

Although focused on current United States labor relations practices, global labor relations are also discussed. The course offers students the opportunity to explore labor organizations' influence on social, political, legal, economic, technical, cultural and global environments.

MGT - Computer Based Management Information Systems This course provides background and insight into the technical foundations of database management for business professionals.

It concentrates on information technology systems that support managerial decision making. This course illustrates how the field of information technology systems supports customer relationship management and supply chain management. It demonstrates how information systems are developed and applied in solving various business dilemmas.

The course stresses the importance of properly managing information technology, locally and globally, to obtain and maintain a competitive advantage in the business world.

MGT - Cyber Law and e-Privacy This course provides a thorough review for business managers of the legal issues relevant to digital retention of data, cybersecurity and privacy.

Students will learn the appropriate managerial tactics to help comply with most major privacy and cyber-related regulations. This course covers not only managerial aspects of electronic businesses but also managerial aspects of other electronic organizations.

MGT - Law of Privacy and Cybersecurity MGT focuses on developing students with a working knowledge of thelegal and regulatory constraints and opportunities for privacy and security of ITsystems, with particular emphasis on the regulation of network activitiesand data management.

Students will be prepared to identify public policyconstraints and opportunities; participate in the public policy debate over privacy and security issues; manage liability risks; and appreciate when and how to summon legal counsel.

MGT - Strategic Management This course provides a complete overview of the core strategic management functions of strategy formulation and strategy implementation. Its focus is on the strategic management process, its essential strategic management concepts, and the techniques and tools used in strategic analysis to formulate, implement and evaluate strategies in all types of organizations.

Examples from many leading firms and cases are used to detail the strategic circumstances of actual companies and provide practice in applying the concepts and tools of strategy analysis. MGT - Innovation Management Innovation plays an instrumental role in the success or failure of both existing and startup firms.

Through successful management of innovation, firms of all sizes — be it a multinational, a small business, or a high-tech startup — can disrupt its market, increase efficiencies, and gain market share.


By successfully innovating, managers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners, can decrease costs, and ultimately increase profits.Diversity in the Workplace: Benefits, Challenges, and the Required Managerial Tools 1 Kelli Green, Mayra López, Allen Wysocki, Karl Kepner, Derek Farnsworth, and Jennifer L.

Clark 2 Introduction. MGT_Diversity in the Workplace - Words Diversity Diversity in the Workplace Western International University MGT Political, Legal & Ethical Issues in Business 1 Diversity 2 Introduction Workplace diversity has taken on a new face.

What are the benefits of diversity in the workplace?

Mgt352 diversity in the workplace

Here are 4 data-backed reasons that diversity is not just a moral issue -- it's a business imperative. In creating this culture it is important that top management strongly support workplace diversity as a company goal and include diversity initiatives in their companies' business strategies.

12) Women-owned businesses account for nearly ________ of all enterprises in the market today. Career and Work skills for the Hospitality and Gaming Industry. Includes Hotel, Motel, Casino, Restaurant, Resort, Bookkeeping, Project Management, Event Planning, Computer and Office Skills, and job training for those career paths.

Montgomery County Maryland. Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. Job skills and Job training opportunities. workplace requires analysis and decision making skills.

Ethical behavior will be explored to proactively leverage diversity in the workplace, build strategies to overcome barriers, and promote opportunities for all stakeholders to contribute the operational effectiveness. MGT .

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