Motivation to go to college essay

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Motivation to go to college essay

A few weeks ago I walked into the 9th grade classroom to find an essay topic written on the board. What is your drive or motivation for going to college? I smiled a confident grin, borrowed a piece of paper from the student next to me, and pulled up a chair. This question was easy! In my teens I wanted to go to college to get a good education which would, of course, lead to a good job.

Fast-forward twenty years to the 9th graders giving the exact same answer. The more I reflected on the last five years, the more surprises I found.

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My motivation had grown from standard to spectacular. I finished college to set an example for my children and also for the students I work with.

How could I stress to them the importance of education if I had neglected to reach for it myself? I kept working on my degree because every time I learned something new I felt like a kid again. Our capacity to grow does not decrease because we age; we age because we forget our innate capacity to grow.

Every class I took gave me new perspectives and I could feel myself becoming more open and understanding. When I initially returned to college I had difficulties juggling my everyday life with finding time to study. But soon enough those difficulties began to rouse instead of discourage.

When a non-traditional student encounters an obstacle we work through it because we have to. Hitting the pause button on our jobs, our families, and our homes is not an option. As we weave learning into life we become even more resourceful. I finished because I realized that graduating was truly the only way to honor all the time, effort, and hard work I had already put in.

My answer to the question is simple: Take a second every now and then during this whirlwind to think about how both you and your motivations might have changed. Keeping your determination up to date will help push you through to the end.

Motivation To Go To College Essays, Free Motivation To Go To College E

So finish strong, my fellow non-trads. I can tell you with great pride and certainty that you will be so very glad you did. This entry was posted in Alumni by Daniel Moore. Every class opens your mind a little bit more, raises more questions, highlights awareness of vast possibilities, and shapes your principles and beliefs so that life is lived meaningfully and thoughtfully.

I was a non-trad and realized quickly the differences between me and the traditional student.

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However, as a middle school teacher I am always impressed and appreciative of the wise 13 year-olds who already know what it takes to get things done and how to roll with punches. So, Kate, thanks for the injection of wisdom and the infusion of energy. Thanks for the smile.Mar 29,  · Enjoyed reading your essay.

If you use your family as your motivation, then add ways that you have helped them. I am the first in my entire family to go to college. My motivation is to motivate my family. I want all of us to take our experiences and become something positive.

My Motivation To Attend College: Final Essay

The closest to any reward that I ever received was a thank you. "Motivation To Go Back To College" Essays and Research Papers Reason To Go To College Essay.

Quick Links I had to face the problems of not knowing the language or how the education system worked. Everything was different from my country.
What is Your Drive or Motivation for Going to College? | Adult Degree Program News If I didn't go to class some how I would still be able to make up stuff and get points for it. High School seemed easy to me at some point, but it wasn't until my senior year that things started changing.
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Blog Archive Motivation To Go To College Essays These are sample motivation to go to college essays contributed by students around the world. College and high school College and high school A Changing Lifestyle Last August, as a high school senior, I made a big transition in my life.

Comp. 1 Staub 26 August Reasons To Go To College Three reasons to go to college are to meet new people, to learn responsibility, and to prepare for a career. College education is very important for my future. College is my opportunity to improve my life by having more opportunities to get better jobs, and to encourage my family to go back to school.

In college you look into different ethnic groups, their backgrounds, style of . Essay on Returning to College as an Adult Words | 3 Pages Returning to College as an Adult Coming to college as an adult, we have many expectations and preconceptions of what college .

What motivates me to go to college,there are many things that motivates me to go.A couple reasons i'm motivated to go to college is because i want to be successful.

Another reason is because i don't wat to sell drugs out on the street like other people do for a living just to keep a roof over their heads, or food on the table.

motivation to go to college essay

These are sample motivation to go to college essays contributed by students around the world. College and high school Not only did I pack up my things and move to another city, I moved with the intention of acquiring higher education.

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