Rf lab vsa

When we developed and introduced these products 25 years ago, we were really enthusiastic about a new tool that would tell us virtually anything about the most complex RF signals. They were significantly more precise than the spectrum analyzers of the time, especially on time-varying signals or those with complex modulation. Looking back, however, I remember the RF engineers who were developing VSAs also had power meters and power sensors on their benches, and used them frequently. Those power meters and sensors were the benchmarks for our nascent VSAs, and the new analyzers would never have achieved such exceptional accuracy without them.

Rf lab vsa

Rf lab vsa

Description High performance instrument for testing the RF, baseband and protocol layers of wireless devices supporting multiple Radio Access Technologies. The Digital Radio Test Set is used by RF developers, protocol stack teams, integration test groups and pre-conformance labs that are developing sub-systems and integrated designs that meet the requirements of the LTE standards.

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The also supports the service market, allowing field-returned devices to be rapidly screened prior to return to vendor or return to the end user.

These teams benefit from the ease of use, comprehensive test capability, speed and low cost of ownership offered by the Test procedures control the characteristics of the simulated network to allow a wide range of repeatable test scenarios to be created. An optional integrated Fading Simulator and AWGN source is available, allowing real-world signal conditions to be created in the lab.

LTE Development Mode for detailed protocol logging and analysis Aimed at protocol stack development and integration, the Development Mode provides advanced logging capabilities for L1, L2 and L3 protocol layer to debug and resolve issues during development. Message filtering and search functions are provided to facilitate navigation.

Customized test scenarios using all LTE sub-layers can be easily created with the Scenario Wizard using the simple drag-and-drop graphical interface.

End-to-end performance can be accurately assessed, along with correct idle mode and connected mode behavior with the 's Network Simulation mode.

Call Box mode features a suite of 3GPP Connection to the UE is made via the antenna coupler in a RF shielded box, with a database of calibration factors used to configure the path loss. Test sequences can be created using the Scriptor software package and then executed using the Lector software.

Rf lab vsa

Data throughput tests under real-world conditions The combines LTE baseband-generated multipath fading and accurate AWGN to enable simulation of a wide variety of real-world signal conditions in the lab.

The innovative software-defined radio techniques employed not only reduce the cost of adding fading to a test environment, but also allow testing to be completed earlier in the design cycle to reduce expensive redesigns later on and to reduce the cost and time spent on field trials.

Automated test development environments The provides open Application Programming Interfaces APIs which facilitate complete control for development of test scripts.Teaching SDR through a laboratory based course with modern measurement and test instruments1 Hüseyin Arslan University of South Florida E.

Fowler Avenue, ENB, Tampa, FL, , USA [email protected] 1 This lab course is supported in part by National Science Foundation (NSF) under CCLI program and by Agilent Technologies. If you do not remember your password, enter the e-mail address you used to register, it will be sent a new password, you will be able to change it at your next log-in.

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