Ronaldo body transformation

Initially, United had just planned to sign Ronaldo and then loan him back to Sporting for a year. Collective and individual success Ronaldo during the —07 season At the quarter-final stage of the —07 UEFA Champions LeagueRonaldo scored his first-ever goals in the competition, finding the net twice in a 7—1 victory over Roma.

Ronaldo body transformation

The footballer everyone loves to hate has scored yet another hat-trick — his 42nd for Real Madrid — against rivals Atletico Madrid, all but cementing his side's place in another Champions Ronaldo body transformation final.

The year-old superstar continues to defy his critics with his biblical scoring tally. And last night's performance saw him break a number of records. Ronaldo is now the first player with three Champions League hat-tricks in the knockout stage; he's the first player to score hat-tricks in consecutive Champions League knockout games; has scored the most goals in semi-finals 12 in 18 appearances ; the most goals in the Champions Leagueas well home goals, away goals, knockout stage goals and assists.

And we haven't even touched on his domestic and international record — which is pretty good. Here, we take a look at where it all began for CR7, and his remarkable journey from humble beginnings to the very top of the footballing world.

Where do you start with Cristiano Ronaldo? How do you encapsulate this beguiling mixture of narcissism and natural ability, petulance and pride, blistering pace and excessive hair gel? Having ensured that it was goodnight from him, the one Ronnie then delivered his best pantomime villain wink to the Portuguese bench.

Others were not quite as measured. The almost inhuman, icy froideur that saw him tell Real Madrid in It comes with the territory. In these terms, the preening, the showmanship, the narcissism and arrogance are all part of the package, armour to ward off the unimaginable pressures without which others in the same position descend into limb-biting meltdown or, worse still, like his Gelsenkirchen victim, retreat to a position of safety, risking less and descending into stagnation.

We need to learn to stop worrying and start loving the Ron. The overcoming of hardship, displacement and poverty is generally central to it: The family were poor, his father had a drink problem which led to his premature death when Ronaldo was just 20 and as a year-old he made the long trip from the Atlantic island to Sporting Lisbon, where he was mocked for his hick ways and accent and pined for his family.

A desire to right the wrongs of his own upbringing, a gift for his mother, a mini-me clothes horse? And Ronaldo took the one less travelled. He also developed a leaner style of play and a bulkier physique, as he began to reach full maturity and learned to cope with the physical demands of the English game.

The inspiration of self belief Suddenly, in the latter half of his time there, his ripped physique began to attract increasing exposure.

Ronaldo body transformation

As robust a heterosexual as Gary Lineker cast admiring glances in the direction of the Ronaldo abs. Like the man who had worn the Number 7 shirt before him, Ronaldo revelled in his looks and international profile. Ferraris were written off, girlfriends were acquired with the same regularity with which he displayed that toned torso and every season, the rumours of a move to Madrid grew louder.

In this context, it has proved the perfect setting for the duel which has lit up the unending battle between Barcelona and Madrid, the contest between the two most skilful players on the planet: Knowledgable voices in the football world, however, have argued the case for both men.

Less knowledgeable ones on the internet have added their measured opinions. Typical of these, hooligangster reasons: Most observers believe the contest is somewhat closer. The truth is, however, that the duel has brought out the best in both of them.

They are to modern football what Lennon and McCartney were to popular music, each fresh exploit goading the other to scale new heights in the sublime exposition of his art. Keys to becoming the leading man From the fiercest rivalry in world football has emerged a contest that has transcended petty trivialities to produce a brand of football that makes everyone richer for the experience.

Ronaldo body transformation

Ronaldo and Messi together make you believe in football again. For Ronaldo, the move to Madrid has brought greater maturity to his game. Some credit Mourinho for encouraging this greater directness, while others see it as a the natural progress of a true great, but whatever the reason, anything that buys a millisecond of extra time to find the corner of the net is ruthlessly employed.

Unlike so many of his peers, he is genuinely two-footed. Can defenders force him on to his left foot?

Cristiano ronaldo most impressive body transformation From Skinny to Muscular - video dailymotion

Good luck with that. This is a man who will perform a Cruyff turn in the box to put the ball on his weaker foot if he figures it gives him a higher chance of scoring. If you can stand the accompaniment of insufferable Euro house soundtracks, look at the showreels of his left-footed goals on YouTube, but beware:Cristiano Ronaldo body transformation.

Check out Ronaldo’s body transformation from the skinny kid doing squat to this awesome body. He needs all the strenght in the football field. Cristiano Ronaldo was branded ‘too skinny’ as a youngster – and that pushed him to put in . Cristiano Ronaldo workout routine and exercises.

Did you ever wonder about what Cristiano Ronaldo does to keep in shape? What kind of training exercises and drills does he . Broad shoulders and ripped abs - this workout will get you the body you want.

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