Socratic seminar makeup the life and

These 10 animal facts will amaze you A teaching methodology is essentially the way in which a teacher chooses to explain or teach material to students so they can learn the material.

Socratic seminar makeup the life and

This is because I was unsure of how the book would go since I had never read the book prior to reading it in class. It was different than what I expected, and it was not as difficult to read and understand like the previous book, Othello.

Socratic seminar makeup the life and

It is interesting that the author wrote this book in a later time period than when the story takes place because the style seems to fit and makes sense as to how people would interact with one another back then and the language used.

It also portrays the discrimination and racial tensions throughout the book. What seems like all of Maycomb have something against blacks having any business with Maycomb.

This segregation is worse that what it is today.

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This article goes more in depth about the segregation back then and the segregation today. This is why no one understands Boo Radley. Brent Staples link to article our class read written by him would probably agree with Atticus in how one does not understand a person until they walk in their skin.

Staples would think that the book TKAM is accurate to events that happened to himself as a colored man as well. William James link to article our class read by him, the first 12 paragraphs would probably think that the book is accurate as well, especially the quote from Atticus about judging something before thinking about why it is the way it is.

James would probably enjoy the book as well. The character I am following through the book is Jem, the son of Atticus and brother of Scout. He is a young boy who attends school and has not had any major problems besides minor childish issues. As he grows older in the first 9 chapters of the book, Jem becomes more mature, while his sister still acts irrationally and childish.

Jem is starting to grow up and is understanding his place in the world. His personal conflict is having to grow up. His sister does not help with this since she still gets into trouble with her short temper.

He also was immature since he could not not do the dare and back out.

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He felt that his pride was more important than being mature. He still believes in these myths as well, making up stories. I wanta keep it that way. It seemed that Atticus threatened us every other day.

He realized he did something wrong and bad by sneaking into the Radley property at night, and is trying to make up for it. Even though going to the Radley house again that night was not the best decision, he wanted to try to make it right.

Do as I tell you. Take care of Scout, you hear? Jem keeps his sister next to him the entire time and makes sure she is safe, showing his maturity, rather than making this event into something silly or a game like he may have in the past.

During the Socratic Seminar in class, I was interested in the question about how Boo Radley acts at home since he is stuck inside all day everyday.

Some people said he could be very religious since his father was a very religious Baptist. Someone also thought he could be the polar opposite due to his interactions with his father, causing him to want to be very different.

It was also interesting about if someone who is considered an outsider could ever become an insider. Some said that one would always be an outsider, while others thought one could become an insider with enough interactions with other insiders. It was insightful how Scout could be perceived as an outsider like Boo Radley, even though she could also be an insider too.

A question I want to close with is how will Jem continue to develop, especially with the trial that is going to happen later in the book. This question is significant because the trial is having a large effect on the Finch family. People are calling the family names, especially the father derogatory names and the negativity is feeding into Scout.

It will be interesting to see how Jem will react and deal with the upcoming events.What is a seminar? A seminar is a genuine discussion. As the opening quote suggests, a seminar is meant to be a different kind of class (or instructional strategy).

The seminar is designed to enable students to explore a text, a problem, an experience; it is not . Socratic Circle Questions. Bees are a metaphor for life because they symbolize personal growth, maturation, and personal exploration.

This is basically the circle of life. View Essay - socratic_seminar Henrietta Lacks from LITERATURE at Rockdale County High School. Name: _____ Sabourah Royer Socratic Seminar Topic Essential Question Initial.

Definition of Socratic Seminars A Socratic Seminar is a scholarly discussion of an essential question in which student opinions are shared, proven, refuted, and refined through dialogue with other students.

A Socratic seminar, sometimes just called a seminar, is a discussion format for students to use to discuss a controversial or complex issue. In a seminar, desks are set up in two concentric circles and the class is split in half. Socratic Seminars "The unexamined life is not worth living."-Socrates.

Socratic Seminars ; Socratic Seminar Student Guidelines; Background.

Socratic seminar makeup the life and

The Socratic method of teaching is based on Socrates' theory that it is more important to enable students to think for themselves than .

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