Sorority research paper

My feeling is that a cover letter is another tool to help you get the interview for the House Director position. It goes hand-in-hand with the resume. While the resume is crafted to show off your experience and skills, the cover letter is more personal. You get to address the board members directly.

Sorority research paper

By zetaphi in Tutorials June 21, The effort to create the balance between academics and student development has led to the creation of many campus organizations and offices.

One of the oldest forms of student organization within the Sorority research paper of American higher education are fraternity and sorority organizations and the Office of Greek Life that supports them.

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Greek societies were initially formed under the creation of Phi Beta Kappa, a literary club on the campus of William and Mary in Phi Gamma Delta, Since their inception, Greek organizations have grown to become diverse national student organizations. Currently, fraternity organizations support 5, chapters at over college campuses North-American Interfraternity Conference, Concurrently, sorority organizations account for nearly 3, chapters at over college campuses National Panhellenic Conference, Demographic makeup of fraternities and sororities has historically been comprised of Caucasian and African-American groups; more recently there has been growth in the Latino population and gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender segments Association of Sorority research paper and Sorority Advisors, Greek organization membership hit its peak in with overmembers involved in fraternities and sororities.

In recent decades, however, membership has declined Chronicle of Higher Education, The Center for the Study of the College Fraternity released a longitudinal study which covered fraternity and sorority membership on college campuses from through Survey questionnaires were sent to more than campuses nine times over the course of 18 years.

Responses to the study varied over the year. In the yearschools responded to the survey. Fraternity and sorority membership in that year - including pledges or associates - numbered , an average of 1, students per campus.

The study showed, however, a downward trend in Greek and pledge membership. Average campus membership topped 1, in and only 1, in Center for the Study of the College Fraternity, Reasons for the decline in Greek societies vary, but the Chronicle of Higher Education points out that it may be due in part to problems regarding hazing and alcohol consumption.

Other reasons for the decrease stem from factors outside of the control of the Greek community. Increased enrollment of minority populations, the rising cost of college tuition, and the amount of on-campus organizations dilute underclassmen freshmen populations who are traditionally recruits for the Greek system.

The article points out larger universities like Purdue have more than other clubs and organization represented on campus which Greek organizations must compete with Chronicle of Higher Education, The Center for the Study of the College Fraternity study revealed that of the responding schools inthe fraternity and sorority population made up on average 12 percent of the student body.

Today, Greek life offices continue to report similar numbers. The University of California at Irvine also reported similar numbers with 9. Roles Presently, the roles of Greek organizations are focused on providing student members with a college experience that encompasses friendship, scholarship, community service, philanthropy, and diversity.

The University of Massachusetts at Amherst states that fraternities and sororities were founded on the principles of friendship, love, service and scholarship and that these organizations offer their members the opportunity for leadership experiences that can enrich their lives on campus and beyond University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Campus populations of students involved in Greek organizations have also led to the development of Greek Affairs Offices and administrators.

Greek life administrators work under the branch of Student Life and Development and are utilized to coordinate and maintain fraternity and sorority populations.

The office is also in charge of making sure the members uphold the bylaws of their own organization, linking students to alumni, and providing educational materials on Greek-related topics such as binge drinking, time management, hazing, and drug use Dungy,p. Greek Affairs administrators also play the part of housing and facilities managers since many Greek organizations have designated dormitories or campus housing.

Responsibility may lie within the office to ensure that housing is up to code and aligned with the rules and regulations of the institution.

The responsibilities of Greek Affairs administrators must also play a duel role in regards to counseling and advising. Staff are advocates to the students involved in Greek life, but they do so in respect to the institution they represent largely in part to liability issues which may arise Dungy,p.

History Greek organizations began with the founding of Phi Beta Kappa inwhich was essentially a literary society. The first social fraternity, Kappa Alpha, was founded in and, in the following two decades, fraternities began spreading throughout New England.

In the s, sororities were established and both groups began providing housing for their members Nuss,p. Expansion of college enrollment also led to increased numbers of fraternity and sorority members during the beginning of the 20th century. This century saw a downturn in membership during the financial crisis of the s, but numbers spiked again following World War II with an aggregate membership of nearly one million Phi Gamma Delta, The influx of student enrollment and interest in Greek organizations following World War II also led to the first fraternity and sorority advisors, and in the Association of Fraternity Advisors AFA was founded with just a few dozen members.

Over the next two decades America saw one more boom in Greek organization growth in the s, followed by a decrease in subsequent decades. Diversification of fraternities and sororities ruled in the s with the founding of culturally-based Greek organizations and by AFA membership grew to over 1, Dean, Fields and Robert H.

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Fields set up monthly scholastic comparisons of Greek and non-Greek member and eventually founded a minimum scholastic requirement to maintain membership in a Greek organization Theta Chi Fraternity, Shaffer served as the Dean of Students at the University of Indiana during the enrollment boom following World War II and worked as a student advocate in the turbulent era of the s and s.More than 6, USC students are a part of fraternity and sorority life — a community that was founded on the values of scholarship, leadership, friendship and service.

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Fraternity and Sorority Involvement, Social Influences, and Alcohol Use Among College Students. A Prospective Examination. A wealth of research has shown that students frequently overestimate the quantity and frequency of other students’ drinking regardless of the target, the Greek, or fraternity-sorority, system is the best.

Each fraternity and sorority uses two or three Greek letters. Often these are shortened to nicknames. There is only one national organization with a particular name, but that organization has chapters at various campuses. By far, the most popular reason for students join a 5/5(1).

Sep 06,  · I am doing a research paper on NPHC sororities and fraternities and want to know how members describe their purposesStatus: Resolved. But recent research is pointing elsewhere. A paper from William Even and Austin Smith, two economics professors at Miami University, posits that joining Greek life not only doesn't boost your.

Sorority research paper
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