Success college depends what

These words may be comforting to the thousands of humanities and social sciences undergraduates who have been told that by choosing their major, they've chosen a life of underemployment, debt and ramen.

Success college depends what

Welfare issues For additional advice when interviewing vulnerable witnesses with communication needs see Advocates Gateway toolkits. Investigators tasked with interviewing a witness should consider the welfare needs of the witness throughout.

Third-party support may be beneficial to some witnesses, provided that the support is unconnected with the investigation. Intermediaries can provide advice to investigators to help achieve more productive interviews, including: The scheme provides access to registered intermediaries.

Early identification of actual or potential intimidation means that witnesses can be offered a service tailored to their requirements, making it more likely that they will give evidence in court.

The table below lists a number of situations and potential actions to consider. Witness protection Where there are fears that a witness may be intimidated, investigators, working in conjunction with the CPScan develop a witness care strategy designed to protect the witness from intimidation or harassment.

This can include protecting the identity of the witness during the investigation, the early stages of the prosecution process and, in certain exceptional circumstances, through the trial itself. Local measures There are a number of local measures which investigators can employ to improve security and provide protection.

Investigators can obtain assistance with these interim measures from local crime reduction advisers and neighbourhood policing teams. Some local authorities also provide access to resources to deal with witness protection issues.

Working with victims and witnesses

Reluctant witnesses These are people who are believed to have witnessed an offence, part of an offence or events closely connected with it, but are reluctant to become involved in the investigative process. Reluctant witnesses should be given an outline of the offence s being investigated.

The specific details of the allegation, or particulars about what the witness may have seen, should not be discussed.

In addition, no pressure should be applied to encourage the witness to talk to the police or to give evidence. The function of the investigator in these circumstances is simply to provide enough information to allow the potential witness to decide whether to assist or not.

Records should be kept of any contact and anything said. The investigator should liaise with the CPS once they are aware that the witness is reluctant to attend court to give evidence, as the prosecutor may be able to apply for a witness summons to secure their attendance.

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The reasons for their opposition might include their lifestyle or they may have a close relationship with the alleged perpetrator and intend to appear in court as a defence witness. Records must be kept of all interactions with hostile witnesses, regardless of the reason for their hostility and the extent of their cooperation.

Where hostile witnesses consent to an interview, it should be video-recorded, unless they object to this. Witness refusal to make a statement Investigators should bring to the attention of the CPS details of any witnesses who have been interviewed but have refused to make a statement. The investigator should outline the details of the material the witness has provided and copies of any notes made or statements compiled which the witness has refused to sign.

Success college depends what

The investigator should also provide the CPS with all the information provided by the witness which may account for their refusal to provide a statement.

This may become crucial if the witness is later called as a defence witness. When a suspect is identified or arrested, the witness should be informed and kept up to date about court appearances, and whether the suspect has been remanded in custody or is out on bail. If the suspect is out on bail, the witness should be made aware of any conditions that are imposed on the suspect.

Victim and witness support Further information Getting support as a victim of crime Investigators must recognise the impact that being a witness to a crime or event can have on an individual. They may feel shocked, traumatised, vulnerable or intimidated by the experience. This is run by volunteers and offers: Police officers who are witnesses are not immune to similar fears and anxieties, especially when they have witnessed traumatic or unusual events.

Success college depends what

Force welfare departments can provide advice and guidance to officers in these circumstances.In fact, last year’s Gallup-Purdue Index surveyed 30, graduates on their careers and concluded that success relies less on where you go to college than how you go to college.

Los Angeles Southwest College (LASC), part of the Los Angeles Community College District, is a two-year school awarding associate’s degrees and occupational certificates, with a range of programs that meet the community’s needs, including college transfer services, occupational training, general, transitional and continuing education, and community services.

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54 rows · That starts with making college more affordable but goes much further – to focus on . Aug 11,  · Their success depends on three words." I'm a sucker for advice, particularly condensed, pithy advice.

And, as it happens, two people I love are going to college.

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