Television channel business plan

In television, radio and now in online and mobile broadcast, many of those who will be reading it won't be familiar with the industry. Don't let structure get in the way of explaining your business idea fully and simply so everyone who reads it can understand what's at stake. Business Model Start the section on your business model with a page or two explaining the key niches of the broadcast industry your business idea will serve. Potential investors may not fully understand how broadcasting works, particularly if you're proposal deals with an alternative media like mobile or Internet radio.

Television channel business plan

The solution was the construction of a microwave relay station on the northern island of Alderney that would connect with another ITV station, initially Westward Television.

At first, the station received difficulties in getting permission for the new mast, but these were overcome in September When technicians went on strike in the summer ofChannel was the only station not to be affected.

Channel also made advances during this period to enhance its service. InChannel formalised its relationship with South West England ITV franchisee holder Westward Television allowing a greater share of programming between the two franchise holders. All local programmes were being made in colour by the following year with Channel donating all of its old cameras to local museums.

An unexpected side-effect of this change was a disruption to serials airing on the station in the afternoon due to the serial having begun on TVS at a different time to TSW so that they were at a different point through the serial's run.

The new feed also meant that Channel simulcast TVS's night time schedule following the launch of this programming area in Channel's night time schedule from that point onwards always simulcast the service seen on TVS and its successor Meridian.

During this period, the station began to invest in technology. A local service for the Oracle teletext service began indelivering local news and information.

Following the Broadcasting Act of the previous year, the allocation of regional franchises had changed to become a blind auction in which the franchise went to the highest bidder. As another consequence of the franchise round, Channel began local news broadcasts during breakfast time as part of GMTV 's new service.

Channel subsequently remained one of two franchises to be not part of a consortium the other being UTV.

television channel business plan

When Carlton and Granada which by then also included the United News and Media franchises merged to form ITV plc inChannel remained separate from this new merger. Despite being a small station, Channel took on a role in ensuring that ITV's independently produced programmes complied with the UK's guidelines and laws.

On 18 MayThe Sunday Times newspaper reported that ITV plc was using Channel's compliance role as a loophole, enabling it to lessen a possible fine for breaching Ofcom regulations during the British Comedy Awards.

During the programme Robbie Williams presented an award to Ant and Dec which should have gone to Catherine Tate who had received a greater number of phone-in votes. However, as the programme was independently produced Channel is seen as the offending broadcaster for not ensuring compliance, despite Channel having no role in commissioning the programme.

Therefore, any fines received are minimal as Channel's advertising income was by far the smallest of all the ITV companies.

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The Channel Islands also completed the switchover from analogue to digital television signals in November The deal was announced on 18 October, subject to approval from the Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority[13] and was completed on 23 November.

Studios[ edit ] Channel Television currently operates two studios: In Jersey, Channel's first headquarters were a purpose-built centre at the corner of Rouge Bouillon and Val Plaisant, housing one main 1, sq.

As the company expanded, Channel moved into larger facilities in at La Pouquelaye, converted from the former offices of Rediffusion 's Jersey operation.

Initially, the La Pouquelaye centre housed two production studios the smaller studio B was latterly converted into offices and a continuity studio, later used exclusively for Puffin's Pla i ce.

InChannel in Guernsey moved again to larger facilities at St George's Esplanade, from where Channel Report was presented on a regular basis. The current Guernsey base in St. Sampsonincluding a small multi-camera studio, was opened in Identity[ edit ] Channel Television's first on screen logo featured six hexagons, laid out five below linked together with one on top with a stylised cat's head inside it.

The five hexagons below represent the five main channel islands: JerseyGuernseyAlderneySark and Herm. The ident was animated so that each hexagon appeared in turn accompanied by one note of the jingle along with the name. This ident lasted until colour came to the region in the mids with only one slight variation in the positioning of the channel name.

The first ident featured this static logo made of orange stripes on a white outline against a blue background with a soundtrack of a brass fanfare titled "Superstar Fanfare", composed by Keith Mansfield.

This same fanfare was later used when Channel launched its next ident, featuring the lines of the CTV logo spinning into place, coloured gold against a black background. This was introduced around and was utilised for the stations 25th Anniversary inwhen each line of the CTV logo was drawn out before spinning back to be joined by a striped Broadcasting.

On August 18, the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago began televising its proceedings via a dedicated television Channel available to cable subscribers in Trinidad. MATTOON, Ill (WAND) - David Sorensen is known for always having a positive attitude.

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television channel business plan

On August 18, the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago began televising its proceedings via a dedicated television Channel available to cable subscribers in Trinidad.

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