The technology impacts on music industry

Hominids started using primitive stone tools millions of years ago. The earliest stone tools were little more than a fractured rock, but approximately 75, years ago, [24] pressure flaking provided a way to make much finer work.

The technology impacts on music industry

Cultural and Economical Impact of Technology on Music Industry Introduction Music is a form of art essentially created for the purpose of entertainment. It has now evolved as a resource of expression for multiple human activities ranging from religion, education, political activities, promoting peace and bridging gaps.

Music is used as a tool, to express social disputes of racism, status quo, political violence, expression of love and uniting societies together Ambert,p.

The technology impacts on music industry

In the cultural domain, music has played a pivotal role to promote the traditional heritage of societies not only nationwide but internationally.

It is an intellectual property created by geniuses and loved by masses. It has played a positive role in promoting national and regional culture to other parts of the world.

The technology impacts on music industry

Cultural music is a historic symbol of regions and countries on the basis of a certain music type like UK has served as on the originator for nursery rhymes it was one of the leading countries to promote rock music. Subcontinent has been primarily responsible for classical music.

Music as a commodity or service has played a major role in strengthens the economy of all countries as multiple stake holders are directly related to the field of music. Music creates multiple job opportunities for both the educated and the uneducated sectors throughout the world.

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The people directly related with the economics of the music industry are originators; who are composers and lyricists.

Agents; who sell their music to publishers. Publishers; publish the music with the aid of performing artists. Performing artists are the vocalists or dance performers who lend their voice for this task. Record companies provide the platform for recording, market the album and sell it. Manufacturer produces the copies of the original content to cater the demand of localTechnology Development initiates patent filings or research (per strategy) Together the applications and markets for the idea are researched (per strategy).

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The Impacts of Technology on Music Recording Industry Essay. Technology on Music Recording Industry and Society “TV has restored the daily life of family, Photography has altered the way we look at the world, the .

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According to Dr. Bradley Deroche, who is a professional musician within the world of classical guitar and a music educator at Central Michigan University, this trend has had a significant impact on his career throughout his years of .

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