Tj high school essay questions

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Tj high school essay questions

Read on to learn more about the TJ admissions criteria and process, and see if this prestigious school might be a good fit. Admissions are open to students who live in the following five counties: TJHSST has particular strengths in its math and science curriculum, allowing students to explore computer programming courses as well as computational physics, signal processing, higher level mathematics topics, and more.

Examples of some of the classes, which often go well beyond Advanced Placement standards include; Relativity, Electrodynamics, Neurobiology, Computational Physics, Advanced Microprocessor System Design, and Introduction to Engineering.

The school also offers a variety of language options including Japanese, Chinese, and Russianas well as small group learning experiences for its Tj high school essay questions. Seniors at TJHSST participate in a year-long research project or year-long mentorship program at a partner lab, which allows these students to get a feel for what the world of research is all about.

Students also learn valuable skills on directing their own work and managing projects, which can be a valuable skill in college.

There are limited additional entry points after ninth grade, though due to attrition a few tenth grade spots usually open up each year. Step 1- Fulfill General Requirements For the general application process, students must first show eligibility to join the school — key requirements include residence in an approved district, a full year of algebra one in the eighth grade year, and a GPA of 3.

Homeschooled students can submit their math curriculum to meet the algebra requirement — more information is available on the TJHSST website. The test lasts approximately two hours, with 45 verbal questions, 5 reading passages, and 50 multiple choice math questions.

Tj high school essay questions

See below for more info on the test. Step 3- Qualify as a Semi Finalist Based on their test scores, some students will move to the semifinalist round, which takes place in January.

How to get into Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST)

Step 3 -- Submit Essay and Information Sheet Students who qualify for the semi-finalist pool will need to complete a student information sheet, or "SIS" and an essay.

The process will take approximately 2 hours. Students will also need to provide two teacher recommendations: No other material is considered for the applicants, so it will be key to have strong school grades and test performance to join TJHSST.

There is no interview or portfolio submission necessary. The final decision on which students to admit is based on the following components: Because much of the admissions process is based on the TJHSST test, we recommend that students should take time to review the official sample.

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Access a PDF of an official TJ practice test by clicking the button below and you will also receive our report: This resource also includes descriptions of each question type, helpful tips, and sample problems.

The verbal section actually includes typical reading comprehension questions on five varied passages, logical reasoning problems, and scrambled paragraph exercises.

The reading comprehension will seem relatively standard to students, but sometimes the logic and paragraphs questions need some review. The mathematics section will cover arithmetic, algebra, probability, statistics, and geometry topics.

Students who have not covered these sections yet in class may want to read ahead, while other students who did geometry a year ago might need a refresher.

Basic formulas for example, the area of a circle or a triangle are included, but students will need to remember how to apply these formulas effectively. The entire test is multiple choice, and there is no guessing penalty.TJHSST Current Admissions Policy.

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TJ has a competitive admissions process involving a student application, an entrance exam, an essay, a "student information sheet" and letters of recommendation. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about the Thomas Jefferson High School admissions process, including in-depth information about the TJ admissions test.


What are essay questions in the Thomas Jefferson High School test

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST) In Fairfax County, we are lucky to have one of the best high schools in the entire US (currently ranked #2 nationally by US News): Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (a.k.a. TJHSST, or “TJ”).

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Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, the governor’s regional school for science and technology, will host a series of information sessions at schools in Fairfax County and participating jurisdictions through September

Tj high school essay questions
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