Virgin marketing and human resource strategies

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Virgin marketing and human resource strategies

Know your hair extensionsMarketing your hair extensions. Hair extensions are part of a woman personality or more like another form of an artistic express of themselves.

If you sell hair then you probably already know, Women wear what they can afford, some women wear virgin and remy hair and some women wear synthetic hair extensions.

Whichever textures and colors you carry; you should be marketing and advertising your brand all the time. That includes how you appear in public as well. You also need to keep up with the trends within your market; you need to know your strengths, your weaknesses, new opportunities and threats, which includes competitors and changes to the industry.

Knowing this information will give you a true picture of how your hair extension business could or should be running. Marketing targeted to the consumers you want as customers: Who do you want to buy your hair extensions brand?

Do you want a particular type of woman or will do you want to cater to everyone. Catering to everyone also means all ethnic groups.

Alliances, Network and Yield Management

You can break your market up into sections, this will make it easier for you to target. Make a list of places you feel your hair extensions will add value. You can target bridal shops, team up with salons that you can partner with and offer a bridal package. There are so many events that take place within high school, like homecoming, Prom and various other activities.

Get the schools permission and pass out fliers to the teenagers when school ends for the day. Form partnerships with everything related to fashion and beauty or that cater to the same type of customers that you want to purchase your hair extensions.

You can also target boutiques, since hair extensions are now an accessory, boutiques are willing to carry your brand. You could also have a fashion event with the boutique have models wearing your hair extensions brand while wearing clothes from the boutique and invite the local community to the event.

Team up with nail shops, offer a free manicure with the purchase of two bundles, of course the cost of the manicure should be added into the retail price but nail shops will be happy to partner with you and ask them to give a Have extensive knowledge about your hair extensions: You need to know everything about your hair extensions, How long will they last?

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Can they hold color? Is it processed hair or virgin? Can you straighten it and if so will it curl back to its original texture? Be honest with your customers about your hair extensions, if you know it sheds a little let the consumer know that you are aware of the shedding and offer a solution.

Offer to seal them or recommend a product to seal them. Also keep up with the trends and colors. Make yourself familiar with all the hair extension installation techniques.


Not everyone uses or needs the most popular techniques. You need to be able to suggest different techniques and methods.Resource allocation is a process in which a company decides where it wants to place its scarce resources.

The overall strategy is to produce the goods and services that match customer preferences. Jan 08,  · Marketing strategies for your hair extensions brand.

Virgin marketing and human resource strategies

Posted by The Hair Reporter on January 8, To learn more about marketing your hair extensions brand purchase the book “How to sell Remy & Virgin Hair Extensions” There’s much more marketing strategies and techniques in .

A strategic manager often utilises knowledge from other related fields including business administration, finance and marketing, risk management, negotiation, statistics and human resource.

Business schools and economic colleges often offer studies in strategic management as specialisation or concentration track for a business management degree. Essay on Strategic Management at Virgin - Human Resource Managementa Case Study Management of Human Resources-Assignment Introduction: In order to critically assess and recommend alternatives, I would like firstly to give a brief description of the business crisis the company was facing and the subsequent need for change in the company’s.

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The Alliances, Network and Yield Management division is focused on planning, monitoring and implementing strategies to maximise revenue.

This division enhances Virgin Australia's market position through our own and partner networks. In the past, marketing and human resources were thought to be completely separate entities, commissioned by the business owner to achieve their own goals.

Today, as businesses seek new ways to remain relevant and grow, innovative uses for marketing in HR are becoming more prevalent.

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