What are the most effective ways of motivating employees essay

Leadership and Training professional 15 Effective Ways to Motivate Your Team People are the main and the most important resource of each company. For achieving great results each leader needs to have a motivation strategy to create and maintain the spirit of enthusiasm among employees.

What are the most effective ways of motivating employees essay

What are the most effective ways of motivating employees essay

It goes without saying that a motivated workforce is a more creative and productive one. Innovation is necessary to produce quality work. Only driven employees would put in the effort to find better methods to deliver quality output in the most efficient manner possible.

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The more engaged and motivated your employees are, the more it helps with reducing turnover. Those who frequently look out for better opportunities may be the ones with great potential while the ones who stay on could be just settling for their circumstances.

Is the current global workforce as motivated as it should be? No Recognition or Feeling of Value When employees are not recognized or given credit for a job very well done or immense efforts they have put in towards a project, they become demotivated.

Unrealistic Demands or Work Load With the idea of getting a lot of work done and fast, ambitious bosses may place heavy and unrealistic workloads upon the shoulders of their employees.

Though holding staff to high standards is not really a bad thing, it does become bad when managers cross the line by being too demanding or overburdening with them. Micromanagement Micromanagement may be defined as a management style characterized by the manager closely excessively observing and supervising the work of his employees or subordinates.

The manager may not mean any harm by his micromanagement however it can be irritating and bothersome to his employees.

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The employees disengaged by the micromanagement may leave for the sake of more freedom or, if the manager is lucky, continue to stay but just muddle through. Job Insecurity As per a survey by Human Resource Services Incjob security is the most important factor for employee motivation.

So this means, insecurity in the job place can wreak havoc when it comes to employee retention. If an employee is at an expendable job or working in an unstable company, he may just put in the necessary effort to keep getting his salary. The rest of his energy will be spent on updating his resumegossiping with co-workers, looking for a more stable job elsewhere and planning his jump.

No Progress The majority of employees feel happy when there is continuing learning potential in their company and they have a feeling of growing in their knowledge and skills. Even progress in the form of small workplace accomplishments are triggers for motivation.

If on the other hand, employees feel uninspired and stagnant, their enthusiasm and engagement will drop. Conflicting or Otherwise Unpleasant Co-Workers Research from Gallup reveals that close friendships at work cause a 50 percent increase in employee satisfaction while having a close friend at work increased the likelihood of engagement in work by seven times.

So, one can just imagine what would be the outcome of having bullying, intimidating or otherwise unpleasant or conflicting co-workers. Even if the job is well-paying and offers opportunities for career growth, if there are back-stabbers, the result would be misery and stress.

What are the most effective ways of motivating employees essay

The results of a recent LinkedIn poll support the increasing yearning for fulfillment among the people of different geographies and age groups.

So, managers face the challenge of matching their workers with the right motivation strategy.


Given below are a few of the conclusions drawn from studies Gallup conducted in the period between and with different sections of the U.the best ways to motivate employees The best methods of motivating employees may be grouped into six sections, each of which are described in detail in the ensuing paragraphs.

1. The Ways Of Motivating Employees Words | 16 Pages a company to ensure that its employees are effective they must find means and ways to motivate them and push them to perform better, attract individuals when recruiting and to retain them motivating the employee will give them a sense of satisfaction the feeling that they mean something to the company.

Motivation Often times, motivation is mistaken as a way for managers to manipulate employees into better performance, but motivation is much more than manipulation. Longnecker () states “Motivation is not simply a means to get people to organizational goals; rather, it is a means to get people to buy in and take ownership of .

Despite being especially effective in smaller groups, workforce unity on a symbolic level was effective in motivating employees because the job in itself became a much higher calling that individuals were enthusiastic to be a part of and participate accordingly/5(2).

Employee motivation is the level of energy, commitment, and creativity that a company's workers apply to their jobs. In the increasingly competitive business environment of recent years, finding ways to motivate employees has become a . Essay Motivating Employess: Most Effective Leadership Style.

technical expertise (Yukl, ). Leaders must also be able to envision, organize, socially integrate, and externally span to ensure that his team is effective and efficient in achieving goals, maintaining team cohesion, and keeping the decisions compatible with the organization’s needs.

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