Writing about a significant person

So, when you are assigned this type of essay, you may be at a loss as to how to construct it or even what to say.

Writing about a significant person

It may seem funny, but lots of my friends envied me, as they lived in single-parent families, raised by their mothers. At those times my father, who worked most of the day, was a huge kind creature for me, who brought me toys and pencils, and took me high in the air.

Now I understand that my Dad, like many other men, was just afraid of little kids. But when he realized that I was able to understand what he was saying, everything changed.

He took me to the long walks in the park near our house in the evenings, and on his days off, and answered my endless questions about trees, sun, dogs, and benches, he took me to the museums where substantial ancient animals lived, and to the Zoo, to show me their descendants alive.

writing about a significant person

My Dad became a great role model for my siblings and me. He is the most hard-working person I know, as he managed to raise and send to college my siblings, and I and there are seven kids in our family.

He worked several jobs at a time for dozens of years for us to have food, clothes, and opportunity to get a decent education.


Regardless of what he always managed to find time to devote it to, my brothers and sisters and me. Dad has always put his family on the top of his priorities list.

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He knows that he has my mother and us to support, and he has always been doing his best to provide us the best level of life he could. He taught me not to cheat on other people, as it depreciates the one who cheats, and is usually ineffective.

He has also always said that I have to help people when I can do so. Dad has also taught me the value of the relationship and human dignity. Like most kids, I was a cruel one, and I sometimes hurt the feelings of the surroundings.

I bullied the kids who were smaller and weaker than I was, and I often had quarrels with my friends, especially in my teen years. My father has always been near me at these moments, ready to support me or to explain me my mistakes.

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I believe that it was my father who helped me to become such a purposeful and goal-oriented person. He taught me to believe in myself, and in those people who were near me, to discover my inner potential, and to share it with the outer world, he taught me to trust the world and people who live in it.

I think I am a fortunate person to have such a father, who saw my potential and helped me to develop it. My friends sometimes say that he has too much influence on my life, but I feel he is the person I trust the most.

He can give valuable pieces of advice, but at the same time, he respects my opinions and decisions.Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more. Get started now! Why First Person Is Important in College Writing conventions of the field in which you’re writing.

The key is making sure that your choices are appropriate for the context of your paper—. Learn how to describe a person using vivid vocabulary and keen observation skills.

Learn how to describe a person using vivid vocabulary and keen observation skills. Do you need help teaching descriptive writing to your middle and high school kids? WriteShop I provides a strong foundation in concrete description, teaching students how to.

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In first person novels, the reader almost always sympathizes with a first person narrator, even if the narrator is an anti-hero with major flaws. Of course, this is why we love first person narrative, because it’s imbued with the character’s personality, their unique perspective on the world.

How to Describe a Person It’s good to let your kids struggle with the initial writing process.

writing about a significant person

As they wrestle with ideas and words, it will remind them of the importance of .

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